Bakery Quality Development

The quality of a product is not determined by one single step in the production. Many variables in the production process are playing part of the baked and packed product. Beside process and recipe, elements like ingredients, local circumstances and equipment are playing a significant role in the quality of the final products.

GeoBake View

To understand our customer manufacturing process and the issues they are facing with, we approach all improvement projects with a helicopter view. We do not just focus on one element, but look at the entire production process from raw material to packaging.

Knowledge of the application and functionality of each ingredient in a recipe helps to create new and more improved formulations. Over the years we gathered a worldwide comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of ingredients. From macro-ingredients like  heat and rye flour to micro-ingredients like yeast and enzymes.

Equipment which is employee friendly, energy efficient and cost effective are helping to create a pleasant working space. GeoBake investigate, measure and evaluate different key areas of the current state machinery in bakery manufacturing processes. Beside current state analyses we also advice for new machinery investment

Training people helps to increase their motivation and talent. Based on their background and experience, GeoBake can provide an on-site theoretical and practical training. We believe there is no better way to do this at the customer’s facility to increase people’s talent and motivation. 

Every process has its own natural process variation. Controlling the variation is most to increase the effectiveness of the production process. The process characteristics must me visible, not only just the product characteristics. We define, measure and analyze the current state of process from ingredient until packing. Improve where needed and provide tools to keep a constant quality level. GeoBake can develop custom made ‘Standard Operation Procedures’, in order to manage the standard variation in bakery process.

Logistics, temperature and humidity are mostly and underestimated influencer of the product quality. The climate in a bakery influences for instance not only the processability and but also the shelf life of a product.

Correct measurement is critical in understanding the current state (as-is) situation. This could be defined as a starting point for quality improving projects. Measurements also helps to visualize quick wins in process improvement projects. The kind of measurement depends on the kind of product(s).