Bakery Product Development

To apply bakery product development, it is important to understand what is ‘quality’. The quality of a bakery product is not only determined by using quality ingredients. It is the total package of product and process performance that meets your customer's expectation.

How we work

We help our clients achieving the capabilities and performance they need for profitable growth. With our multi-level approach, we combine our knowledge and expertise in the bakery industry. Our road map of increasing the current state performance of the bakery process and/or product, contains 5 steps: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control.


In the define phase we identify why this project must be done “now” and what is the business case for this project. The current state of the product and process and the desired future state product of process will be described. The define phase involves:

  • Identify the problem / project
  • Define the requirements
  • Establish the goals
  • Create high level overview of the current process


During the measure phase the focus is on measuring the current stage performance of a product or process, involving:

  • Developing a data collection plan
  • Collect information about the current process
  • Define and measure key process steps in process inputs


The data which has been collected during the measure phase is analyzed to determine the source of the defects and identify opportunities for improvement. This phase involves:

  • Identify gaps between current performance and desired performance
  • Validate the cause-and-effect relationship
  • Identify the source(s) of variation


During the improve phase we identify creative and practical solutions to fix and prevent product or process problems. Some projects can utilise more complex statistical analysis tools, but we try to focus on obvious solutions. This phase involves:

  • Implement the solutions to address the root causes of the problem
  • Test the solutions
  • Creation of a detailed implementation plan
  • Measure the results


After implementing the generated solution, monitoring the improvements is important to ensure continued success. Therefore, we create a control plan. Update documents, business process and training records as required. 

  • Evaluate and monitor improvements
  • Establish (new) Standard Operation Procedures